This traditional DG frame has some "modern" advancements to it.  The poles can be taken out of the bases and stored in the PVC sleeve with the net still attached.  Net attaches to the frame by using O-rings (inclued) just like my other DG frames.  These bases are just as effective as the full size frames mentioned above, but can't be left in the "ready" position as easily without getting tangled up or snagged on something since they will tip over and / or slide around on rough roads, fast corners, etc.  They take just slightly longer to set up, but if you are tight on space while traveling, this is the DG to have.  I still use this system when trapping on long road trips, and it is a huge space saver.  Poles are 24" long, and can use 2" or 3" square nets.  The 3" nets are approximately 21" x 57", and the 2" net is approximately 20" x 56".  Please specifiy wich net you would prefer, or I will send one of my choice.  Also specify color of black or white.  Comes with drag line, swivel, and net storage tube.  Painted to look “dirty”.

Traditional Dho-Gazza Poles