I designed this to be able to strap it to the back of a backpack, hike a long ways, and still be very sturdy when it is set up.  This smaller mesh (1/2" x 1") bait cage is made of heavy 16 gauge welded wire that is used in small livestock pens, rather than the thinner 19 gauge stuff sold at the big box stores, and still weighs less than 8 pounds.  16 gauge lasts longer, holds it shape better, stands up to abuse better, and is easier to work with.  Each intersection of wire is welded together.  This larger mesh size is designed for bait birds the size of sparrows and starlings.  It measures 30" x 30" x 1" when collapsed, and sets up to 30" x 30" x 6" with the included twist ties in about 5 minutes.  (Use zip ties for even faster setup, just don't forget to take replacements if you cut them off!!)  It is intended to be used with the Collapisble Swedish Goshawk Trap, or to be set out at a ridge trapping location with white pigeons in it as an attractant to the site. 

1/2" Mesh Collapsible Bait Cage