This harness is, hands down, the best ridge trapping harness I have ever used.  It is made of kangaroo leather, and is a combination of my normal pigeon harness, and a harness that a friend of mine in Kansas has used for years during his ridge trapping trips.  It is reinforced with a glued and stitched double layer on the back where the stress points are.  Almost any size pigeon can be used in this harness, and they stay active for MUCH longer periods of time while on the lure line than any other harness I have tried.  I started using this design about 5 years ago, and haven't found anything better.  The freedom of flight is impeccable, and the stress on the bird is minimal.  The harness acts like a supportive "swing" when suspending the pigeon from the lure line.  Instead of yanking the bird off the ground by the bottom of the harness and having the bird upside down all the time, it is lifted off the ground by the top of the harness.  Color of the harness varies between black, natural, and whiskey.  It's the last ridge trapping harness you'll ever buy.

Ridge Trapping Harness