This kangaroo leather pigeon harness is my favorite way to trap Prairie falcons.  Trapping with a pigeon harness usually involves a very aerial display by the Prairie falcon, and is pretty exciting to watch.  I came up with this design back in the early 2000's when I was given a different harness that was to loose on most of my pigeons.  I modified it to its current shape, and I haven't found a better harness yet.  It fits very well on most pigeons, and allows 100% range of normal movement for the pigeon.  It is snug around the wings / shoulders, and will not come off no matter how much the pigeon fights it.  Easily one of the most effective traps I use for Prairie falcons when combined with a noose carpet.  Works well for Goshawks, Cooper's hawks, and Red Tailed hawks at ridge trapping locations as well.  Color of the harness varies between black, whiskey, and natural.  130# Dacron drag line and a snap swivel is included.

Pigeon Harness