This is a heavy duty noose carpet that serves as a backup to the pigeon harness.  The noose carpet is installed after a raptor has killed the pigeon, but failed to get caught in the nooses of the pigeon harness.  The design of this noose carpet eliminates the need to remove the dead pigeon from the harness in order to install the noose carpet, which gets you in and out much quicker.  I peel off some of the head, neck, and/or breast feathers of the dead pigeon, and leave them scattered around in the immediate area.  Attach the noose carpet so the exposed breast meat is facing up from underneath the noose carpet, then use twist ties (included) to tightly attach the outstretched wings of the dead pigeon to the sides of the noose carpet.  This keeps the raptor from dragging the pigeon out from under the noose carpet, and defeating the trap.  Prairies rarely leave a meal once they know they have killed, and have taken a couple bites.  You may need to get as far away as possible from the kill sight, but they almost always return.  This noose carpet is the closest thing to a 100% catch rate that I have found once the Prairie has killed my pigeon, but may not have gotten caught in the harness.  Snap swivel is included for quick attachment to the drag line.  Color will be black or tan.  Let me know your preference in a note at checkout, or I will send one of whichever color I have available.  Pigeon harness not included.  Shown only to show quick connect method of noose carpet to drag line.

Noose Carpet