The large DG is ideal for Prairie falcons, Red Tailed hawks, Cooper's hawks, and Goshawks.  It is easy to set up in under 30 seconds because the net stays in the frame while driving around.  Comes with 130# Dacron drag line, snap swivel, and pole storage tube. Net drag weight not included. Painted to look “dirty”.  I like to drop my bait sparrow about 6 to 8 feet behind the net.  This distance away from the net seems to make the raptors focus on the sparrow as they are flying towards it, and they hit the net on their way in without knowing it.  A lot of times, this saves the bait sparrow from getting killed as well.  Net has 3" squares and measures roughly 21" by 57". Please specify black or white net in the notes at checkout, or I will send one of whatever I have available.  Make sure net doesn't break the horizon like it does in the top right of the picture, or the raptors will see it on the way in, and will flare off.

Large Dho Gaza