Phai Hoop / Padam Ring Trap

This trap is used quite often in the plains when targeting young Prairie falcons.  It is a centuries old trap, and is still around for good reason - it flat out works!!  There have been many different details that have been added or subtracted over the years, but the basic idea of large nooses forming a circle around an anchored bait bird is still the same.  A sparrow anchored in the middle of this trap is all it takes to catch anything from kestrels to peregrines, and red tails to goshawks.  There is a gap between the nooses where the ends of the base are joined together with a butt splice and heat shrink.  This small gap in the nooses is left on purpose so it is easier to carry this trap when transporting it or laying it in place, without getting yourself snagged.  I include the same heavy duty, braided, drag line for this trap as I do  with all my traps.  I highly suggest using the drag line and weight on this trap even if targeting smaller raptors in case something larger comes in and gets caught.  Nooses are roughly 5" in diameter and are made of nylon coated wire cable.  Height of trap is roughly 7".