Harnesses and Noose Carpets


I came up with these harnesses after using several different patterns that had been given to me over the years.  I finally came up with one that completely changed my success rate of capturing Prairie Falcons.  The pigeon harness allows 100% freedom of movement, the pigeon can't get out of it, and I modified a noose carpet to work in conjunction with the harness.  Now, any time I locate a passage Prairie falcon, I have the utmost confidence that I can capture it.  If the harness doesn't get it done, the noose carpet usually will.  I never leave home without the harness and carpet if I'm heading to the flatlands.  The ridge trapping harness is very similar to the pigeon harness, but is reinforced on the back to avoid rips and tears from the stress of pulling on the lure line.  The sparrow harness started out as a joke, and ended up being extremely effective on Kestrels.  All harnesses are made of kangaroo leather, and nooses are reinforced by a small button on the back to keep the nooses from ripping through the leather - an idea I came up with at the 1998 NAFA meet while talking with the late Hal Webster at the banquet.  Since incorporating it in my harnesses, I've never had a noose rip through the leather.