Dho-Ghazza Frames and Nets

These Dho Ghaza traps (Also referred to as DG's) are my favorite method of trapping Prairie falcons and Merlins when space is limited.  They can also be used for other raptors like Red Tailed Hawks, Goshawks, Coopers Hawks, Peregrines, etc while set up at a ridge trapping location.  You never know what you might catch in a Dho Gaza.  These traps have a low profile net that allows almost any type of background to conceal them, even if it is a hill a quarter mile away.  DG's will work with any background as long as the net doesn't show above the horizon.  The tension of the net can be adjusted by pulling the corner strings of the net under the rubber O-rings at the end of each pole.  Extra O-rings are included, and are placed at the bottom of each pole.  When done using it, the poles come out of the frame, placed side by side, the net is wrapped around them, and the poles are slid into a protective PVC tube that keeps the net from getting tangled up.  I've been making these nets for over 15 years, and have never had one fail.  Untangling a trapped bird is a pain, so if I am road trapping, I usually cut the net off the bird, and put in a new net.  For this reason, I've tried to keep the price of the replacement nets as cheap as possible.