Collapsible Bait Cages

These bait cages are extremely light weight, yet very sturdy when set up, which makes them ideal to use with the Collapsible Swedish Goshawk Trap (                   ).  They are designed to fit that SGT specifically, and both cages measure roughly 30" x 30" x 1" when collapsed.  Goshawks rarely are within sight of a public road, and these bait cages make it easy to get a very effective trap back into goshawk habitat.  Strap them onto a backpack with the collapsible SGT, and you can hike much farther than you would be able to if you had to carry a traditional bait cage and SGT in your arms.  Or, if you are packing a vehicle to go to a ridge trapping location, these bait cages will save you a ton of space in the vehicle.  Two different sizes of bait cages allow for use of small or large bait birds.