Bow Net


This bow net was designed by a great friend of mine.  He is likely the best accipiter guy I know, and he swears by this design.  He designed it to be portable, so that it can be placed in a backpack, and taken into the back country for Goshawks.  It breaks down into a very small size of approximately 2' long and 8" wide, but yet expands to a full 5' diameter.  I have never seen another bow net like this, and can't believe something so light weight can be so dependable at a trapping blind.  A manual release is included, and is what I prefer to use as it eliminates weight in the backpack compared to the remote control release.  A manual release also has no chance of having dead batteries!  If you're within a couple hundred yards of the vehicle, it's no big deal to go get spare batteries for a remote release.  But when you are a few miles back in the wilderness, you'll have pretty colorful language if you have a dead remote, and no manual trigger.  Trigger line not included.